Role of corporate social responsibility (CSR)

LavasaCSR is the way that businesses manage the economic, social and environmental impacts of their operations into their values, culture, strategy and operations to maximize the benefits and minimize the downsides. It is driven by both Government looking for businesses to make positive contributions and the costs and benefits of the business and may involve new approaches in their activities of governance, ethics, health and safety, environment, human rights, labour, culture, minorities, sustainability, accountability and customer satisfaction. An effective approach to CSR can enhance brand and company reputation by improving efficiency, reducing the risk of business disruptions, and open up new opportunities driving innovation. AHERF with the experience in conduct of research activities and with the back up of the Apollo Hospitals Group expertise in providing healthcare services to the population has been involved in many activities as part of CSR.

1. Sanitary Napkin Manufacture Project at Special Prisons for Women, Puzhal, Chennai

Sanitary napkin manufacturing unit was set up at Special Prisons for Women, Puzhal, Chennai in May 2010. The infrastructure facilities were obtained by AHERF, installed at the prisons, followed by periodic training and guidance by the AHERF appointed trainer and AHERF’s consultant for CSR. About 21 women prisoners were trained in making of various models of sanitary napkins. After intensive training for 4 months, production started in October 2010 and inmates have been producing regular and maternity napkins. On an average e, about 10,000 napkins are being produced every month.


Major portion of the manufactured napkins are being supplied to government for the government scheme of free supply of pads to adolescent girls in schools and colleges and maternity pads to government primary health centres.

2. Basic Life Skills Training to Chennai City Traffic Police Personnel

The programme was launched in January 2011 and concluded after a year in January 2012. About 1200 traffic police personnel were trained in basic life skills and first aid during the weekends. Every Saturday & Sunday, 25 per batch of traffic police underwent training in classrooms for 3 hours and these 50 underwent hands on training the following week at the Apollo Emergency Centres.

Trainer from Apollo Emergency Dept under the guidance of Dr. Nagaraj and Dr.Dhavapazhani completed the program, coordinated and facilitated by AHERF.

3. DAAN - Organ Donation Awareness Project

DAAN an organ donation awareness campaign was launched in February 2012.  The project was with partnership with HCL Technologies, Chennai City Police, Indian Medical Association, Cadaver Transplant Department of the TN Government, and MOHAN Foundation. AHERF formed a bridge between the partners in taking the proposal forward across the Apollo Hospitals Group.

A month long awareness campaign was held for the staff and members of partners and the final registration & pledging was held on Feb 29, 2012. A total of 13200 registered with the project.

4. Basic Life Skills Training for Police Boys & Girls Clubs 

Basic Life Skills & First aid Training was given to children and families of Police Boys & Girls Clubs of Chennai during 2011 and 2012. Police Boys & Girls Clubs is an initiative of the TN government to support underprivileged children from the age group of 8 to 18 in about 117 slum areas in and around Chennai ( attached to each area police station ) by engaging them in educational and extracurricular activities after school hours. The participants were benefitted by the training program by AHERF and were able to start working in various organizations with the skills learnt.

5. Supply of medicines free of cost to Old Age Homes

LavasaA new initiative partnering with Apollo Pharmacy to supply medicines free of cost to senior citizens living in Old Age Homes was launched in November 2014. Data was collected regarding list of medicine requirements of each inmate of the homes. During the first phase launched on Nov 12, 2014, 15 Old Age Homes in Chennai were selected and medicines free of cost are being supplied at their doorstep every month to all the 15 homes with over 750 inmates.

As a second phase, data collection for the homes at Madurai, Karur, Karaikudi and Tiruchi is completed and the CSR team is in the process of analysing the data for finalizing the homes that will be provided with free medicines for the inmates.